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About Our Company

Avaneesh Facilities is a prominent amenity management company, driven by a passion for enhancing the overall quality of life in residential and commercial spaces. With unwavering dedication to excellence, we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Our services are designed to create environments that prioritize well-being, security, and satisfaction. Whether it's optimizing fitness spaces, maintaining pool facilities, ensuring cleanliness, or providing robust security measures, Avaneesh Facilities is your trusted partner for holistic amenity management. We are here to make your space a better place to live and work.

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Our Services

Gym Setup

Avaneesh Facilities offers expert Gym Setup services designed to create cutting-edge fitness facilities tailored to your unique needs. 


Swimming pool Maintainance

Avaneesh Facilities is your trusted partner for Swimming Pool Maintenance services, dedicated to preserving the pristine condition and safety of your pool.


Housekeeping Services

Avaneesh Facilities is your trusted partner for Housekeeping Services, dedicated to maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of your space.


Security Services

Avaneesh Facilities is your trusted partner for Security Services, specializing in providing highly trained and vigilant security guards to safeguard your property and assets.

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Our Clients

Philips India

Unique spaces.png

Unique Spaces

kville Society.png

Kville Society

MSR queenstown.png

MSR Queenstown


Empire Square

Essen group.png

Essen Realtors

Wisdom park.png

Wisdom Park

Kohinoor Grandeurs.png

Kohinoor Grandeur

Pride Purple.png

Pride Purple

Aishwarya courtyard 2.png

Aishwaryam Courtyard 2

Elpro's metropolitan.png

Elpro's Metropolitan

Aishwarya Comfort.png

Aishwaryam Comfort

GK Roseland Residency.png

GK Roseland Residency

Celestial City.png

Celestial City

Padhamji Greens.png

Padhmji Greens

Sayadri Blueberry.png

Sayadri Shruberry

Jhulelal Towers.png

Jhulelal Towers

Tamara Heights.png

Tamara Heights

Our Work

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